5 Reasons Builder Website Headlines are Important

1. Headlines define and strengthen your brand

Headlines can be leveraged to emphasize your most important points. You should place headlines at the top of your web pages. In the context of your homepage, consider articulating your value propositions, competitive advantages and/or differentiators. Think about articulating why a website visitor should do business with you versus the competition. The headline needs to be concise and no longer than 7 to 10 words long.

2. Improves the user experience of your website

Many times when people surf the internet they are only scanning content, rather than reading it word-for-word. Therefore, headlines help improve readability. Use larger fonts up top for headlines and smaller font for headlines down the page. Sub-headlines also help break up paragraphs to support easier readability.

3. Visitors are given a reason to read on

Studies have shown that when you tell the visitor what they will get in a headline they are more likely to read-on. Don’t tell them what they have to do in headlines. One tip is not to add a period at the end of the headline. This is because periods symbolize an end of a thought. You want them to read on not stop thinking about it (no period)

4. Headlines are good for SEO traffic

Search engine optimization is the skill of improving websites visibility in search engine’s results (SERPs) organically. If you include part of a search term relevant to your target market in the headline, it will help tell the Google Bots you are relevant for that search term, and should therefore increase support to index for that term. There are several hundred other variables with SEO but this is one more component to complement your SEO strategy.

5. Makes visitors want your products and services

By communicating timelines to incentives and promotions, research has shown, it creates an internal sense of urgency for visitors. This helps visitors want your product or service more. We don’t recommend this as the top headline for a homepage in most cases. However, sites should have headlines and sub-headlines throughout a page and the site. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate incentives and promotions.


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Chad Martin is president of Element-360, a digital marketing agency based in Downtown Asheville. Element-360 is focused solely on internet marketing for the real estate related industry. You can learn more at www.element-360.com.

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