AHBA Members Take Action at NAHB’s Legislative Conference

Last week’s Legislative Conference held in Washington DC on June 17 was a success for the home building industry and a powerful voice our three-tiered federation holds comprised of our local, state and national members.

NCHBA Members meeting with Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis

Over 800 members from coast to coast swarmed the Hill for over 250 scheduled congressional visits to bring the message and focus to key issues that are critical to a vibrant and dynamic economy.  These in-person visits are so important for protecting housing opportunities for all a priority in this country and the progression of moving our housing recovery forward.

More specifically, members encouraged Federal policymakers to move forward on:

  • Reducing regulations that harm small business
  • Reforming the nation’s housing finance system
  • Protecting tax incentives that promote homeownership and affordable rental housing
  • Improving the Low Income Housing Tax Credit
  • Enabling a supply of softwood lumber sufficient to meet demand
  • Creating a national flood insurance program that is predictable and affordable
  • Promoting sensible energy codes
Meeting with Congressman Mark Meadows

Five local members and staff from the Asheville HBA took direct action in meeting with Congressman Mark Meadows, the office of Congressman Patrick McHenry as well as in a joint meeting with over 50 members from across North Carolina with Senator Richard Burr and Senator Thom Tillis. A hot topic consistently brought to the table was the need for a stable and affordable supply of lumber.  Additionally, Asheville members shared results of the Housing Economic Impact Study completed by NAHB earlier this year to drive home the economic impacts our member businesses have in our local market.

Attendees from the Asheville HBA included 2017 Board President Brandon Bryant of Red Tree Builders, Inc., 1st Vice President Thomas McClain of Home Sweet Home Land Management, Judy Dinelle of 84 Lumber, Sean Sullivan of Livingstone Construction, Inc., Laura Sullivan of ID.ology Interior Design along with the AHBA’s Executive Officer, Christi Stokes.

Judy Dinelle of 84 Lumber, Christi Stokes of Asheville HBA, Brandon Bryant of Red Tree Builders, Inc. and Thomas McClain of Home Sweet Home Land Management

The AHBA is proud to have such strong representation from our local organization and to “return informed of powerful resources and concerns to provide directly back to our members” commented AHBA President, Brandon Bryant.  Taking part in NAHB’s Midyear Meeting is an incredible and powerful opportunity to build relationships with other members and HBA staff from across the country.  Through this, we effectively give back and have a voice in making our federation the best it can be for our members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen our economy.

For more information about this year’s NAHB Legislative Conference, visit NAHBNow.com.

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