BA of the Blue Ridge Mountains Wins National Awards

The Builders Association of the Blue Ridge Mountains (BABRM) has been recognized for its outstanding services with Two Awards of Excellence from the Executive Officers Council (EOC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). For the Best HBA Partnership/Coalition and Best Cost-Savings Program in our categories (Size of our membership).

“As our association continues to grow, it is important that our staff continue to maintain the high level of services that our members have become accustomed too ,” said Megan Carroll EO of the BABRM. “These awards continue to shine a light on the hard work, creativity, and dedication that our Builders Association staff members have to our cause.”

Winning for the Best HBA Partnership/Coalition is the work our organization does with BeLoved Asheville’s BeLoved Village. Whether we are taking an hour break from the office to help physically raise a wall, or sharing fund raising opportunities, the BABRM continues to support housing initiatives for our communities most vulnerable.

Best Cost-Savings Program we won for our Parade Partners sponsorships. This program member businesses in the associate category, can offer builder members select savings on homes that will be in our Parade of Homes. If the builder works with this associate, not only do they get a deal, they can get the Parade Partner to help staff the home for them the weekends of Parade. For the associate members, they get the opportunity to work with a builder who may not have worked with them in another case, and can showcase some of their work in a Parade home. This really encourages members to do work with other members.

The Association Excellence Awards is an annual program designed to recognize the outstanding
accomplishments of state and local home builders’ associations and executive officers in the field
of association management. EOC membership is comprised of the staff executives who direct
more than 590 NAHB-affiliated state and local home builders’ associations representing more
than 130,000 home builders in communities across the United States.

“The AEA – HBA Award submissions from our Federation’s local and state associations always
amaze me. The award entries help spark new ideas and fuel motivational energy for other HBAs.
We have a superb professional network, and it’s awesome to witness when the award winners
reach out and help our colleagues successfully duplicate their efforts,” said Jay Iverson, EOC
President and Executive Officer of the HBA of Iowa. “The volunteers and staff members
representing the 2022 winners should be proud. Cheers to the award winners!”

The winning entries will be added to the NAHB website, so that other executives and associations
across the country can access and learn from them in order to provide better service to their own
members and community.

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