Eli Orling of Orling Interiors

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In this edition of Nuts & Bolts, we will learn about Eli Orling. Eli Orling founded Orling Interiors ten years ago in NYC and loves that he gets to design and install custom hand-troweled plaster and cement finishes.

– If you could go to one local joint free for the next year, what would it be?
The Orange Peel

-When you get “away”, where is away?
 Up the Blue Ridge Parkway on my 1970’s Motobecane bicycle

-Name 3 things this group doesn’t know about, which of only 2 are true. Two Truths – One Lie
I once had a recording contract with SONY Music.
I’m allergic to cats.
My grandfather was an original animator for “Tom & Jerry.”

– What is your favorite AHBA Event and why?
I really enjoy the industry night mixers because I get an opportunity to meet new folks and make new connections in the community.

– How do you measure “success?
I measure success by the effort and attention I have devoted to the task at hand and whether or not I have learned something new in the process.

– What do you snack on when nobody is watching?
Donuts and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  But I’ll eat them in plain sight!

Orling Interiors is a design and fabrication studio specializing in custom, hand-troweled plaster and cement installations.  For the last ten years I have been creating custom floors, walls and counter-tops using traditional materials and creating finishes that succeed in function as well as in form.