HBI Launches Complimentary Online Learning Alternatives

HBI is pleased to announce complimentary access to online learning alternatives to Home Builder Associations (HBAs) through May 1 in response to increasing K-12 requests across the nation.

The Flexible Instruction Day (FID) material does not require textbooks or workbooks to accommodate self-paced student learning. Fundamental knowledge and skills, such as safety, communication, social media presence, and interviews are examples of subject areas that will be organized into online learning paths.

“It’s important to us at HBI that our students, instructors, and partners continue to receive quality educational resources, even during challenging times,” said Ed Brady, HBI President, and CEO. “Ultimately, it’s about the collective effort of all of us— educators, industry, parents and even students themselves—knocking down barriers to ensure the student experience results in graduates confidently entering the next stage of their lives and the workforce. We’re fortunate to be part of a community that has come together to achieve that goal—in this case, by extending our support further into the digital landscape.”

Want to implement this online learning with your kids/students? Please see our link and let us know if you have any questions.