It PAY$ to Be an AHBA Member!

Good news! Imagine being able to receive money back in YOUR pocket on some of the construction products you already use. Now you can.  AHBA Members including Builders and Remodelers are eligible to participate in the NCHBA Member Rebate Program.  This FREE Member Rebate Program provides the same Manufacturer rebates the country’s largest Builders receive, only for small to midsize builders and remodelers regardless of their volume.

The best part of this program is that you do not have to track/mail/copy any paper receipts – everything is done electronically!  Once you register for the program, you can submit your claims quarterly and get money back in your pocket!  During 2012, participants walked away with an average of $445 per builder/remodeler.  If you have not registered for this FREE program, you must do so now – it will only take a few minutes and there are no obligations.

Want to see the list of over 40 participating manufacturers offering rebates?  Click Here

Don’t leave FREE money on the table….Register Online Today – What have you got to lose?

It is not too late to submit your claim for homes, remodeling projects, or multi-family units cmpleted between July-December 2013. The deadline to submit is end of February 2014 .

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