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How do I play?
It is simple. Each week you pick who you think will win that week’s games… for a total of 13 playoff games. For each game you must weight your pick from 1 to 13 (using each number only once), placing a 13 on the game in which you are most confident, down to a 1 on the game in which you are least sure. The person with the highest point total from his or her correct picks from all 13 games (91 possible points) will be the winner.  Plus, you can receive up to three additional bonus points for prompt payment of your entry fee.

How much can I win?
Depending on how many people enter the pool, we will determine the winnings once everyone has submitted their first round picks and we know exactly how many people will be playing in the pool!  

How much does it cost?
Your $30 entry fee covers the entire four weeks of fun.

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The Playoffs begin Saturday, January 9th – So Register Now!