Kate Duinkerken of Duinkerken Homes, Inc. – Nuts & Bolts

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Learn more about fellow AHBA members in a fun Q & A section known as Nuts & Bolts. January highlights Foundation Club Members Kate Duinkerken of Duinkerken Homes, Inc.

When you get away, where is away?

KD: We frequently go to the cabin in Sylva to get away. We have pigs and chickens there, no tv and lots of fly fishing! Otherwise, we like to go to Hilton Head. We enjoy kayaking in the marshes and taking beach walks to the end of the “heel” to collect shells and see who can spot the most sand dollars.


Being a member of the Asheville Home Builders Association provides me the opportunity to:

KD: See my building-related friends on a monthly basis to discuss construction, families, and fishing!


What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

KD: What? We don’t do chores here. We have a personal chef, a laundress, a maid, a lawn boy, a chauffeur and a dog groomer.


Two truths and a lie – Name 3 things the AHBA group may not know about you, of which only two are true.

KD: I belong to a book club.
I have 7 domesticated animals.
I do not like beer.


What is your ‘go to’ song choice for karaoke?

KD: Baby Got Back

What motivates you every day?

KD: My top priority every day is keeping my husband and children happy, along with my accountant and the IRS.


Duinkerken Homes, Inc. is a Custom Home Builder in the Asheville area that focuses on great design, superior customer service and accomplished building. For more information on Kate and Brandon Duinkerken, visit Duinkerken Homes, Inc. website or Call 828-645-2728