Legal Services

The Asheville HBA has a variety of member firms that offer legal services to members in the Construction and Real Estate Fields. Use our Member Directory to locate a contact today! In addition to our local members, NAHB provides legal research on building industry-related issues to all members and affiliated home builder associations. While NAHB cannot replace your local attorney, the legal team can provide you valuable information and answers that will get you started on solving your problem while saving you time and money.

NAHB has access to a wide variety of legal research resources, including several nationally recognized law libraries, as well as computerized legal databases such as Westlaw, that contain over three million court opinions, federal and state statutes, and numerous legal journals and publications.

You don’t need a legal background to use NAHB’s Legal Research Program. You just have to be a member. Call or email the NAHB attorneys and provide a brief overview of your problem or question.

The attorneys will research your question and provide you with a written summary of any related laws, citations to legal case precedents from appellate courts throughout the country, and a wealth of other information.

Contact the Legal Research Program by filling out an online form to outline your specific problem and request a response or call 800-368-5242, x8491.

Utilize our Value of NAHB Membership website for more detailed information