The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Article provided by AHBA Member Blossman Gas. All opinions and comments are their own.

Whether considering renovations for your existing home, or building a new one, ask your builder about propane-fueled tankless water heaters. These industry-leading appliances provide efficient, cost-saving solutions for many challenges facing the modern home owner. Following are five reasons to consider a tankless hot water heater for your home.

Endless Hot Water – Whether you want a luxurious bubble bath filled to the brim for yourself, or need to wash the entire Little League team’s jerseys, a tankless hot water heater is the right solution for you. A tankless hot water heater will nearly triple your hourly hot water rate!

No Rust – Tankless hot water heaters don’t rust from storing water because no water is stored. This improves the life expectancy of your appliance by 50%, thereby saving you the headache and expense of replacement for longer periods of time.

Reclaim Your Space – Since tankless hot water heaters don’t need a storage tank, they are a fraction of the size of the larger tank appliance. Consider all the possibilities for your newly available square footage!

Energy Efficiency – The tankless hot water heater is fueled by propane resulting in reduced emissions and greater tank to plug efficiency. You aren’t just keeping your home and body clean, you are contributing to a cleaner environment all around. Research has shown that the annual CO₂ emissions savings from a propane-fueled tankless hot water heater is + .62 metric tons.

Money Savings – Propane’s overall efficiency is less expensive than electricity as a general rule. This allows you endless hot water at a lower rate. Standard time to payback? 5 years.

Finally, thanks to the ease of transportability of propane and personal tank options, you aren’t prohibited by existing electrical or natural gas infrastructure on your home-site. 

*All data sourced from the Propane Education & Research Council


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