Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Log Home

Are you interested in a rustic and modern home? A log or timber home may be right for you. The specially crafted wood, solid construction and connection to nature are some of the unique features log homes provide. While log homes are not as common as conventional homes, they are not difficult to build. In fact, you may be surprised at how easy the building process can be when you work with a professional log or timber home builder.

Here are the top three reasons a log or timber home may be the best type dwelling for you.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Modern log home owners spend less money than conventional home owners on heating and cooling their home. The logs play a significant role in conserving energy. During the day, the logs absorb heat energy and radiate it at night which evens out the interior temperature. This process not only makes the home owner comfortable, the overall structure uses less energy. Modern log home building techniques also eliminate air infiltration and moisture for added comfort.  

Log homes are the original eco-friendly oasis. Engineered log homes are comprised of solid timbers grown from trees. During the milling process, manufacturers utilize all portions of the log no matter how big or small. Transporting logs to home building sites can be completed in less than two trips, which reduces the amount of fuel consumed by multiple deliveries. Log homes require less man-made materials than conventional construction since the walls address both the structural and insulated needs of the home.

Flexible Designs

Customizable designs for log homes are available. More than a dozen types of trees are used in the log and timber industry to construct homes. Each type of tree has a different type of grain pattern, color, size (diameter and length) and resistance to decay. There is no shortage of ways logs can be fashioned to host different home styles and profiles. As with other types of homes, there are several design styles to choose from such as manufactured or milled, handcrafted or timber frame. You can work with a log home professional to design a conventional or customized exterior.

Reasonable Maintenance and Affordability

Modern log and timber homes do not require any more maintenance than conventional homes. Several members of the National Association of Home Builders have scientifically formulated log preservation products that provide substantial protection from the elements. There are other products that are made specifically for log and timber homes and are widely available.

Photos of weekend cabins may conjure up ideas of wealth and luxury. However, log homes can be found at a variety of price points. While logs are more competitively priced compared to what is found at the local lumber yard, the overall cost is offset by faster construction time and less labor compared to convention home building. A professional can also offer ways to cut costs for constructing your log home. Design options, floor plans and exterior finishes can be modified to fit your budget.

To find more information about log homes or to find a log home builder in the Asheville area, contact the AHBA at 828-299-7001 or You can also visit with builders in person at the 2019 Log & Timber Home Show on November 1 – 3 at the WNC Ag Center’s Davis Arena.

  1. Dylan Peterson

    It’s really interesting that modern log homes don’t need more maintenance than a normal home would need. My wife and I would like to get away from the world and live in a cabin in the mountains. We’ll be sure to look further into our options for low maintenance log homes that will be able to help us accomplish that.