Unleashing the HUGE Power of Small

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‘Unleashing The HUGE Power of Small
How to create an Amazing Business in Amazing Times’

Right now an estimated 226,000 businesses worldwide use Paul’s programs to create and run extraordinary businesses. He’s created a revolutionary way of doing business and one of our members, Bill Gilliland of ActionCOACH has convinced him to come from Singapore to Asheville.

Early Bird Tickets for this select morning event begin at $139. But because you’re a AHBA member, you can come along and experience the entire program for a staggering 50% off that fee — and that even applies as you’ll see for Multiple Group tickets!

Just click here to check it all out — I think you’ll be as impressed as we’ve been:


Paul is a very rare 4-times TEDx speaker. His work as Chairman of the revolutionary B1G1 has been featured in leading-edge publications such as Trendwatching, Springwise, Fast Company, Forbes and online through the key technology newsletter, ‘Mashable’.

Paul’s program for you is specifically ‘punchy’, hard-hitting and full of brilliant insights for you – insights for you to use instantly. You’ll instantly ‘get’:

  • why advertising is the fee companies pay for being UNremarkable.
  • how to set your business apart in the simplest of ways so that you become the ‘go-to’ business 
  • what new research calls ‘the most profound shift in attitude we’ve ever measured’
  • how to embed generosity right into the DNA of your business
  • how simple it actually is to add in REAL connection to your business and the huge difference that makes
  • how to have a huge and powerful new sense of purpose in your business and the absolutely stunning impact that has

And much, much more as you’ll see when you visit that link. This is truly a fast-paced, ‘no-hype zone’ program.

An opportunity to hear Paul live here is rare so the people sponsoring the program are expecting a sold-out event. That is why it’s really important you book now to get that 50% off Early Bird tickets (I’m told there are just 21 of those tickets left as of the time of sending this to you). Be quick. Just go here and you’ll see it all:

Asheville, 12 May: