Updated Fee Schedule and Improved Fee Calculation Tools coming July 1 for Asheville Development Services

Asheville’s Development Services Department (DSD) has released its FY 2019 Fee Schedule, which goes into effect July 1, 2018.  

To learn more about the new fee schedule, supplements, online fee estimator as well as other improved user friendly tools that will be rolled out this summer and fall 2018 – review full details here.  As you review and utilize the new fee schedule, keep in mind that supplements and the fee estimator are combining individual fees into a single number (i.e., building, zoning, grading = total cost).

If you are building in the City of Asheville, it is important to stay informed of these new tools, resources and changes to setup your current and future building projects for success.

The Asheville Home Builders Association heard first hand about these upcoming changes and overview of the comprehensive study leading up to these initiatives last week when volunteer builder members returned June 13 for the second AHBA Builder Roundtable, an organized forum with staff members of the Asheville City Development Services Department.

First meeting this past November, this Roundtable was initiated between Ben Woody, the City’s New Director for DSD and Christi Stokes, Executive Officer of the Asheville HBA.  Five active AHBA Builder Members were selected to have a seat at the roundtable to share important updates and valuable feedback with each other on processes from permitting to inspections to obtaining a CO and much more.

Find more details about upcoming changes to Asheville City’s DSD and how it impacts you, here.