Your AHBA Membership Minute…Supercharge Your Elevator Pitch

The old, boring pre-planned 30-second-to-two-minute elevator speech is dead. Finally. Use these four tips to create a pitch that doesn’t sound like an outdated sales speech. Start your business relationships off on the right foot with a conversation, not a sales pitch!

  1. Start with a HOOK… It should not include any details about how you do what you do. So a car dealer may say, “I get you were you need to go.” A realtor may start with “I make sure you have a warm place by the fire.”
  2. STOP Talking… Don’t just do something, stand there. You need to give the listener time to contemplate what you just said, get confused, and want to know more.
  3. REEL them in… After a successful hook, don’t launch into a sales pitch or commercial. Begin to tell how you do what you do, but don’t give away the show. No good mystery movie starts out with, “the butler did it.” The movie keeps you in suspense until you’re dying to know.
  4. SERVE, don’t sell… Remain focused on your listener’s needs, not on your needs. The more you give to the world, the more the world gives back.

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Check out the latest AHBA membership activity below over the last 30 days!  Utilize the AHBA online member directory for more contact information.

Welcome to our newest members of the AHBA!  To educate and engage, new AHBA Members are required to attend a one hour New Member Orientation as a final step in becoming a member. The next New Member Orientation is on May 21, 2013 from 3:30 to 4:30pm at the AHBA Office.

Advance Cabinetry, Kip Driver, Associate

Balken Roofing, Lauren Balken, Associate

Blossman Gas & Appliance, David Lipe, Associate

Daylight Solutions, Chris Manges, Associate

Emerald Cut, Stacy Lanning, Associate

Jeff Poe Construction Co., LLC, Jeff Poe, Builder

Parry Construction, LLC, Doug Parry, Builder

SLC, Inc., Stan Caton, Builder

Thank you for renewing your membership with the AHBA!

84 Lumber, Judy Dinelle, Associate

A-American Electric, Inc., Phil Wilson, Associate

Anderson Brothers Carpentry, Inc., Stephen Anderson, Builder

Asheville Mulch Yard, Daniel Pope, Associate

Atomic Solar, LLC, Ronald Frazier, Builder

Builtwright Construction, Co., Andy Gardner, Builder

CANA Construction, LLC, Todd Blevins, Associate

Carolina Drywall & Insulation, Inc., Chris Cradduck, Associate

Crossville Tile & Stone Gallery of Asheville, Sheryl Williams, Associate

Crosswell Construction, Inc., Mac Crosswell, Builder

Deltec Homes, Inc., Don Thompson, Builder

DSH Construction, LLC, Dan Hensley, Builder

Eagle Creek Home Builders, LLC, Jonathan Myers, Builder

Ed Holland Builders, Inc., Ed Holland, Builder

Goforth Builders, Bruce Goforth, Builder

Grove Park Fine Homes, John Truitt, Builder

Herrington Homes of the Carolinas, Inc., Douglas Cioce, Builder

HomeTrust Bank, Donna Reeves, Associate

Horace A Marlowe Builders, Inc., Horace Marlowe, Builder

Horizon Tile & Stone Gallery, Inc., Rick Gurney, Associate

Liberty Wood Products, Don Hill, Associate

Mayfair Partners, LLC., Greg Phillips, Builder

Mountain Marble & Granite, Inc., Laura Ford, Affiliate

The Design Center by Haywood, Tom Kern, Associate

Thomas F Wallin Bldrs, Inc., Thomas Wallin, Builder

Vandemusser Design, PLLC, Amy Musser, Associate

Wiggins-Hill, Inc, Steve Wiggins, Builder

Pending Members –In compliance with our Bylaws and the policies which have been put in place by our Board of Directors and the Membership Committee, Association procedure is to have new member applications approved by the Board of Directors and by the General Membership. Please look at the lists of all Members. If you know of any compelling reason that any applicant should not be considered for membership, please contact any AHBA staff member at 828-299-7001 or email your comments to the AHBA at All information given to the AHBA is held strictly confidential.

Christie’s Lighting Gallery, Christie Spino, Associate

Controlit, Inc., Ed Craft, Associate

Controlit, Inc., Adriel McIntyre, Affiliate

Lowe’s of East Asheville, Grant Kidd, Associate

Lowe’s of South Asheville, Chris Cali, Affiliate

Lowe’s of Weaverville, Zane English, Affiliate

Lowe’s of West Asheville, Billy Griffith, Affiliate

MB Haynes, Kimberly Basham, Affiliate

Quality Home Consultants, Jim Rauland, Builder

Signature Technologies of Asheville, Inc., Jamie Bradley, Associate

Signature Technologies of Asheville, Inc., John Pope, Affiliate

S.L.C. Inc., Stan Canton, Builder

The AHBA is sorry to see the companies listed below drop their AHBA Membership. If you know these past members or do business with them, please give them a call and invite them back to re-join the AHBA. Always strive to Do Business with Members!

Ashley’s Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, Ashley McElreath, Associate

Brown Dog Craftsmen Group, LLC, Justin D. Sanders, Builder

Carolina Craftsmen Builders, Inc., Curtis White, Builder

Swannanoa Carpet City, Inc., Don Robinson, Associate

Not an AHBA Member? Learn more about joining the Asheville Home Builders Association.  Article posted by Christi Stokes, Director of Member Services & Special Events for the AHBA.

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