152 AHBA Members with Builders Mutual Insurance

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Welcome to the Newest AHBA Members!

Asheville Fence, David Ogburn – Affiliate Member
Bank of North Carolina, Paula Boop – Associate Member
Blue Sparrow Cleaning Company, Jeanette Wilson – Associate Member
Bolton Construction & Services of WNC, Inc., Mark Bolton – Builder Member
Charles Hough & Associates, Charles C. Hough – Associate Member
Charles Hough & Associates, Byron Reece – Affiliate Member
Consolidated Waste Services, LLC, Harold Welch – Associate Member
First Citizens Bank, Christy Bencivenga-Burns – Associate Member
First Citizens Bank, Alicia Hearne – Affiliate Member
First Citizens Bank, Alex Lane – Affiliate Member
Krupp Associates Architects, P.C., Christopher Krupp – Associate Member

Please join us at our next New Member Welcome Reception on Tuesday, May 10 at the AHBA Office from 3:30 – 4:30pm. Take this opportunity to receive your Member Benefits Packet and learn how to make the most of your membership investment! All new members and current members are welcome to attend. RSVP to Danielle.

Membership Benefit

Wireless Discounts offered by Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile
Members today are relying on mobile technology for more than just phone calls. Offered through NAHB’s Member Advantage Program, this unique program offers a wide range of benefits to all members including: discounts averaging 35% for members, free mobile to any mobile calling, free mobile device management through an online portal, dedicated 24/7/365 helpdesk support and much more. All NAHB Members have the ability to receive a no-cost, no-obligation detailed assessment of their existing wireless telecom expenses, and be provided with a free side-by-side comparison of discounts available for their existing service, along with comparable options from other carriers, often with even greater discounts. Once a member selects an option, they will receive comprehensive management of the implementation process, and a dedicated representative to act as the focal point for customer service and ongoing member support. To learn more, please visit eMemberBenefits.com/nahb or call 866-430-NAHB (6242) to speak directly with a member specialist.

Membership Highlight

152 AHBA Member Companies with Builders Mutual Insurance
Safety must be a priority in the home building industry and Builders Mutual Insurance is dedicated to providing insurance coverage and safety that is specific to our industry. The Asheville HBA is proud to have 152 Member Companies that are BMIC policyholders. Each year, these policyholders receive a dividend distribution check. The dividend calculation determines individual check amounts for eligible policyholders based upon workers’ compensation premium and loss experience during 2015. The checks that will be received is a direct result of our members’ efforts to make safety a priority in their work places. The Asheville HBA’s total dividend amount this year was $23,353! Congratulations to our AHBA Members who are BMIC policyholders!

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