We’ve Got Your Back

You can rest assured knowing your membership is hard at work as a strong advocate for housing policy and regulatory issues while you focus on what matters: your business.  A dedicated government affairs team at the local, state and national level are working hard to ensure that housing’s voices is heard day-in and day-out. 

 National Association of Home Builders

NAHB advocates on behalf of its members on a wide range of issues, including the tax code, federal housing programs, environmental laws, building codes, OSHA, building materials, housing finance and more. A single win in the policy arena can save builders thousands of dollars on every home they build. NAHB leads the charge on key policy issues to protect housing and homeownership.  Learn more about the NAHB Here.

  • The NAHB Housing Portal illustrates the positive impact of housing across the country with the latest economic data and public polling results.  NAHB’s interactive site allows you to select a state or congressional district to better understand the state of the housing industry in your local area.
  • When we reach out to members of Congress, we have an impact on the decisions they make.

North Carolina Home Builders Association

The mission of the North Carolina Home Builders Association is simple—to protect the affordability of housing while enhancing the economic and social benefit to the community. The wide range of issues affecting home builders makes it safe to say that no other trade association is impacted by as many bills in the General Assembly as NCHBA. Issues are wide ranging, Learn more here. 

Every session, NCHBA works to protect our members’ interests.

Asheville Home Builders Association

The Government Affairs Committee, comprised of dedicated member volunteers of the Asheville HBA, functions as a liaison between local, state, and federal elected officials and our builder and associate members in Buncombe County and the City of Asheville. We monitor public policy issues that have an impact on the livelihood of our members.