BeLoved Village Partnership

After lots of anticipation, Beloved Builders is prepared to schedule construction of our Deeply Affordable village. Your Asheville Home Builders Association has partnered with BeLoved to help us do what you all do every day – build houses that will become homes! Here’s how you can help. 

We’re looking for AHBA members who would like to divert crews to our site for a few days to complete one of the many tasks that go into building homes. Tasks are listed below and are designed to make your donation as easy as ordering off a menu. Here’s the overview… 

What Are We Building? 

We’re starting with three (out of 11 total) houses this month (November). Once those are framed, we’ll roll the rest out in pairs over five phases. We intend to get them all dried-in by late spring. 

All the houses are on a single site in East Asheville. These are 424sf houses built on pier & post foundations. They’re all stick-built, traditional construction – so, they’re small but they’re not “Tiny Houses” built on trailers or modular or anything like that. You can download a plan set here. We’re also developing detailed framing plans to streamline the work. Our goal is to make it really easy for you to say ‘yes’ 

How Does It Work? 

BeLoved Builders is the GC. We’re inviting you to act as a sub. That means we handle all of the permitting and inspections; materials sourcing and staging; and all the planning and logistics headaches. And you get to focus on what you do best: build homes. You provide your crew and foreman, and we’ll have our GC on site the whole time to stay ahead of your team. 

More specifically, you’ll be signing on to complete just one portion of the build. We’ll give you a time-frame and you’ll manage your calendar within that window. This approach removes the uncertainty of weather and gives you a bit of flexibility to deal with contingencies in your own business. Some tasks might require only a day or two of commitment on your part. Other tasks may take a bit longer, but they’re all pretty small because…. Well, the houses are pretty small. 

This approach lets you commit to delivering a component, rather than just coming out for a day and trying to pick up where someone else left off, or leaving a job half finished because your volunteer day ended. When your part is done, we’ll provide a letter acknowledging your tax deductible donation to our project. 

What’s On the Menu? 

Foundational Partner – Each house will be built on 9 concrete piers with posts and GluLam beams making up the foundation (detailed plans here). You’ll work with our team to auger and set sonotubes and rebar. BeLoved will book the concrete and the pumper and oversee the pour. Then you’ll return to set beams and hang joists, all the way up to the Advantech subfloor. Phase 1 is three houses. The next four phases are two houses each. A commitment is for all the foundations in a single phase, but you can sign up for as many phases as you’d like. 

Building Partner – With subfloors already in place for you, you’ll frame and sheath an entire house. We’ve got a detailed framing plan and materials will be on site and organized for accessibility. The houses will be stick-framed and sheathed with Zip systems. Your commitment is for one house, but you can come back in subsequent phases if you want more. 

Dry-In Carpenter – You’ll be signing on to perform window and exterior door installations for one construction phase. There are 8-10 window & door openings in each of our house plans, so depending on the size of your crew, this could be a day or two of work. Trim and siding by others later. 

Electrical and Mechanical – We’ll be partnering with key subcontractors in each of these trades. Those key partners will bring their license and we’ll work together to complete work with their crews and others. 

Specialty – Flooring, siding, trim, tile, cabinetry, sheet rock, insulation, landscaping. If you’d like to provide any specialty trades, please get in touch. We’ll publish a new menu for these items at a later date. 

Great! How Do YOU Get Involved? 

Just get in touch and tell us how you’re able to contribute. Email

You can see the first model home built here.

Maybe you can not make it to a build this year, but would love to help out? Click here to donate to BeLoved Village, or learn more!