Darren Martins of ProSource Supply

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In July, we get the opportunity to learn more about Darren Martins. Darren is the builder account manager for ProSource Supply. He has been with ProSource for one year, and loves connecting both returning and new clients with the plumbing, lighting, and door/cabinet hardware that will make their projects stand out. Darren is a newer member of the AHBA and serves on the Parade of Homes Committee and will be joining the new Workforce Development Focus Group.


Being a member of the Asheville Home Builders Association provides me with opportunity to:
Being a member has helped me understand and appreciate everyone’s role in making Asheville such a great place to live and work. When ProSource’s owner Grover Martin gave me the opportunity to move here from our Greenville headquarters and take on this position, I still had a lot to learn about the building process and how ProSource could best take care of our builder clients. Add that to the process of getting to know Asheville, the WNC building environment, and all of the folks I would be working with up here…it was exciting, but a bit overwhelming! Getting involved with the AHBA has made things so much easier. Even just attending my first meeting helped me meet a multitude of awesome, encouraging folks who have gone out of their way to show me the ropes of WNC home building.

Claim to fame?
All of my friends and colleagues back in Greenville used to call me Smiley, because I’m always smiling. I collect nicknames like crazy for whatever reason, but I’ve always liked that one the best.

What is the most exciting thing going on at your business, currently?
Watching our 7,500 sq. ft. luxury plumbing, lighting, and hardware showroom really take off! We opened our Asheville warehouse and showroom about a year ago, and the response from homeowners, plumbers, builders, and designers has been tremendous. We’ve got four industry-veteran showroom consultants, who have done a fantastic job with all of our clients. Every day I get to find out about cool new projects and meet exciting new folks; I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What is your favorite line from a movie?
“We’ll always have Paris”, from Casablanca. Most people go for “Here’s looking at you, kid”, but I think that’s kind of a cop-out answer; you can sum up every reason why Casablanca is such an incredible film with “We’ll always have Paris”.

What is one thing you never leave home without? Besides the obvious phone, keys and wallet?
Most definitely a notepad (or two). What an underrated thing to have in 2017! For all of the benefits of cell phones and laptops, if you’re pulled over on the side of the road talking to a client with your cell phone to your ear and your laptop in your back seat, nothing beats a notepad.

Words to live by?
My best friend from college always said “Never have anywhere better to be”. That’s definitely stuck with me. It’s so easy to forget at the end of the day that you’ve got a choice in everything you do. Life is short and if you’re not spending it doing what you love and being with the people you care about, you’re wasting it, right?


ProSource Supply was started in 1996, and is a local plumbing, lighting, and hardware supplier and luxury showroom group, with locations in Asheville, NC, Hendersonville, NC, Greenville, SC, Spartanburg, SC, and Anderson, SC.

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