Jeff Ehrhardt Volunteer of the Year 2022

Jeff Ehrhardt is a staple of our community. You will see his smiling face at almost every event we put on, normally at the registration table. He is always willing to put in the extra time and acts like, yeah, why not. We love his positive attitude and thoughtfulness. He doesn’t mind the long days or or early mornings.  

Jeff also helped team Hendersonville to their victory during the 2022 Membership Drive. He is a wonderful advocate for membership, letting everyone know the value of the Builders Association.

Jeff also serves on multiple committees, sharing his time and expertise to help our industry grow. Volunteering for Workforce Development, Social, and Membership committees. Jeff is a shining example of what our members can do. Get to know Jeff some more below!

What’s your favorite thing about being a member?

The community. I love being on team and from the get-go everyone I have met and worked with has been more than welcoming. I like being a part of something that benefits the industry and community. I am very proud of this association, the committees I am on and more than happy to give whatever time I can.

What’s your favorite event from the BA?

The events are great, honestly all of them. If I had to pick a favorite, I would say the holiday party. I love to see everyone together celebrating the festive time of year, honoring accomplishments and cheering each other. There is an undeniable sense of joy that just makes you happy to be there. 

What’s so special about the Building Community in WNC?

This goes into how welcoming and loving the community is to its members, and how much we take care of our own. The camaraderie is what makes AHBA/BABRM so special. From the staff (especially the staff), builders, associates, affiliates and volunteers to family members and even pets: we care about and support each other. Thank you all for welcoming me into this special community. Thank you also for recognizing your members.