Meet Nathan Lawrence, AHBA 2019 Associate Member of the Year

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Nathan Lawrence is AHBA’s 2019 Associate Member of the Year

Nathan Lawrence has long been committed to the AHBA, most recently representing his company Valley Waste as an associate member. His many contributions make a big impact. Nathan is dedicated to helping AHBA staff with the heavy lifting, volunteering often to help our many events go off without a hitch. He has a quiet demeanor and an upbeat personality that makes people smile. For all of this, we were pleased to recognize Nathan as 2019 AHBA Associate Member of the Year!

Tell us about your company, Valley Waste, Inc.

Valley Waste has been in existence since 2012. We provide 13 cubic yard dumpsters for anything – deconstruction, clean-outs, you name it. I’m starting in my fourth year with them—I used to be a builder with a local company, and I wanted a change. I retired with no real idea of what I would do next. The opportunity came along to work with Valley Waste. I enjoyed it – the pace was much more relaxed. When the owner told me he was looking to sell, I decided to buy and here I am!

What is a highlight of the work you do? What makes you smile?

I really like the recycling aspect of my work. When we take a dumpster to the landfill, I’ll often go through it and pull out materials that can be recycled. Metal, cardboard, pallets…I’m “that guy” at the landfill digging through the trash. Not a lot of people do this because it’s a lot of extra work – you have to reload the materials and drive it to the recycling area. But I get satisfaction out of salvaging what I can.

Even though I’m no longer working as a builder, my work with Valley Waste allows me to continue working with builders in a different way. I like seeing the new projects they’re working on and staying in touch with that part of the industry.

Being able to help people with their projects and make it easier for them makes me smile.

How long have you been involved with the AHBA?

I’ve been a member since 2005 when I joined as an affiliate with the building company where I worked. When I left there and started up with Valley Waste, there was no question I wanted to stay with the AHBA. It’s a fun group of people and a good way to get business. I like being involved.

What do you most enjoy doing with the AHBA and what is your favorite AHBA event?

I’m a member of the social committee. I like working the events, helping set up or volunteer to help them run smoothly. I like to stay busy.

My favorite annual AHBA event is the Golf Tournament. It’s in the springtime and it’s such a nice time of year. People are energized by the upcoming building season. There’s a good energy all around. I usually help set up and tear down, and now I also do the recycling!

My favorite all-time event was the pig roast AHBA used to hold at Camp Rockmont. One time, a few of us members went out early on a Saturday night and roasted two pigs to prepare for the picnic on Sunday. We ended up staying the night at the camp. It was fun.

People would be surprised to know…?

I worked on the top of a mountain at 11,666 feet working as a chef in Keystone, CO for ten years. I ran a fondue restaurant and a food court. We’d host wedding and events during the summer.

Words to live by?

In the words of my mother, Ma Lawrence, “If you’re going to do something do it right. Don’t do a crappy job!”