NCHBA Board Votes To Seek Legislation Requiring Mandatory Continuing Education For General Contractors

On Tuesday  February 20, 2018 – the NCHBA Board of Directors, meeting in Greensboro, overwhelmingly adopted a resolution which directs the association to seek the introduction and passage of legislation during the 2019 Session of the General Assembly to require continuing education (CE) for general contractors.
Describing the Board’s action, 2018 NCHBA President Alan Banks said, “Personally, I am excited about this … It is time for the home building industry in NC to commit to a higher level of professionalism.”
To explain the reasons for this proposal, President Alan Banks has addressed a memo to all NCHBA members. Moreover, NCHBA has prepared a Fact Sheet describing the proposal in detail as well as an outline of what happens next.
CLICK HERE for informative resources that will help answer many questions including a copy of the President’s memo, Fact Sheet and a copy of the Board resolution.

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