New Silica Rules to Go Into Effect September 23

NAHB is advising its members to be prepared as enforcement for the silica rule in construction is currently scheduled to begin on Sept. 23.

The rule was originally scheduled to go into effect for the construction sector on June 23, but OSHA issued a 90-day delay. Some state-run OSHA programs, such as Virginia, have chosen not to follow OSHA’s delay of enforcement and began implementing the new standard in their state plans.

State-run OSHA programs have six months to adopt the federal rule or develop one that is equally effective.

NAHB’s legal challenge on the silica rule is still pending. The case is scheduled to be argued before the court on Sept. 26.

To learn more about the rule and its requirements, see this fact sheet from OSHA.


Article Reprinted with Permission from NAHB

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